Derrick Hawkins, Sr. is an Executive Pastor at The Refuge in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Derrick Hawkins is a devoted husband to Roshonda Hawkins, pastor, and thought leader. He is a powerhouse, fearlessly leading the next generation into an unprecedented awareness of the presence of God.


With over 10 years in Ministry, Derrick Hawkins believes intercession is the womb that births revival. Derrick helps men and Businesses maximize their full potential to become a better you for the future you, through his personal ministries (Derrick A. Hawkins Ministries) 


Derrick Hawkins has appeared in various publications, including News Week, Charisma News, New Yorker Review Daily. He has been featured on The 700 club and CBN News. Making a national impact, he is the co-author of Welded: Formal Racial bonds that Last.


Just on the outskirts of Charlotte,North Carolina, Derrick Hawkins makes it his mission to lead his family with God, prayer and compassion.

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intercession is the womb that gives birth to revival



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